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Manufacturing Details

We chose to work with a woman-owned clothing manufacturer in Indonesia; they practice ethical standards, strive to create positive change in the clothing industry, and only source certified + top-quality materials.

Our hats are manufactured by a headwear company in China that also value sustainability; they hold a Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certificate which is not only used to verify recycled content in materials, but it monitors integrity throughout the entire supply chain (traceability and assessment of environmental + chemical practices used in production, etc.)

While there are pros to working with USA-based companies, we decided to partner with two companies that are overseas only for the time being... Please know that while our main goal is to be eco-conscious, implementing 100% earth-friendly practices and partnering with likeminded businesses takes time, money and research... We hope that as our business grows, more regenerated materials and local resources become available so that our brand can be fully stateside and sustainable!